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Westech Chemicals Sdn Bhd (WCSB) was established in July 1973. It was formerly known as Westech Sdn Bhd. Westech was re-engineered to meet current challenges and also to better reflect our nature of business. Westech has been in partnership with DuPont from its early conception. Westech has come a long way from the early beginnings of CFCs where the product was widely used in various industries, until it was phased out due to its Ozone Depleting Potential. The Government of Malaysia, as part of the signatory to the Montreal Protocol which governs the consumption and production of CFCs, has made a commitment to phaseout the use of CFCs by 2010. DuPont as a responsible corporate citizen has opted for any early phaseout by ceasing the production of CFCs in 1998. Westech together with DuPont was among the pioneer in the introduction of the new replacements for CFCs.

Westech’s focus is on DuPont’s range of Fluorochemicals which includes refrigerants, fire extinguishants, specialty fluids, blowing agents and propellants. Westech’s goal is to be a leading and preferred supplier in the industries that it serves. Westech offers to its customer’s high quality products. We are a solution-based organization geared towards being focused and providing value added to our customers through the consolidation of our strengths, resources, experience and know-how.

Westech is located at Shah Alam, Selangor. This is the headquarters of the company which is situated in one of the major designated industrial zones in the Klang Valley. Westech’s sales team is proactively servicing its customers throughout East and West Malaysia. Currently, it has 2 branches to better serve its customers from Prai in the north and Johor Bahru in the south.

“Partnership for Success.”

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